Know when it’s time to pay attention to your timber


Know when it’s time to pay attention to your timber

How do you know when it’s time to pay attention to your timber? Regularly. Exterior wooden doors, windows and other woodwork are not invincible weatherproof materials so you will need you to keep an eye on their condition and give them a little TLC. This will save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

Following a refurbishment people will reflect on the improvements made before completely forgetting about them until the wear and tear begins to show. It’s not until the state of a building begins to look tatty until the facilities team are tasked with carrying out repairs or replacements for things such as the timber work.

But you could save yourself the cost of the repairs – or at least delay them – by regular maintenance. And we’re not talking about specialist maintenance or any kind of carpentry work. Initially, a bucket and sponge will be your tools. Washing down your doors and windows twice a year will improve both the condition and appearance.

By keeping on top of the cleaning you will be able to protect the coating such as a stain or pain and avoid having to appoint somebody to recoat the woodwork. But don’t just rely on a clean alone, do inspect the quality of the woodwork annually to check its condition.

This doesn’t mean that you will have to repaint every year. What you’re looking for areas of damage that might need a little touch up. If well maintained a decent paint job could last up to five years, but does rely on you cleaning and caring for your building.

Regular cleaning will help to  protect your timber against the need to repaint but once it does need to be repainted don’t delay because regular coating will prevent the need to replace the woodwork.

As a rule of thumb, clean your exterior wood work every six months and you might not need to repaint for up to five years. This depends on where you’re based – if your doors and windows open directly onto the M4 they might need more attention.

Keep on top of it and you’ll be in good shape.