Office Refurbishment


Office Refurbishment

How to Choose the Correct Lighting Colour

As with any office refurbishment there are a number of considerations to make at all levels of the design and build and lighting is one of them. The colour of the lights is an important factor to consider. It isn’t a simple case of asking an electrician to install the cheapest strip lighting or fit a few basic bulbs, you need to think about the colour and the impact it has on employees and their wellbeing, amongst other things.

By choosing the right lights, or the right light colour, you could improve employee wellbeing and increasing productivity so there is a financial and ethical benefit to taking the time to choose the right colour LEDs. In simple terms opting for a whiter LED the office lighting will have increased benefit to the staff and work place.

In simple terms light colour ranges from a yellow colour to a white light with a slight blue tint. It's this white/blue colour that has the greatest impact on human behaviour in its efforts to mimic daylight. The average daylight colour temperature at midday is around 5600 Kelvins (K) so it's recommended to choose lights in excess of 5000K to get that nice blueish white light. Equally you don't want to make the light too blue so maybe limit the colour to around 6500K - you don't want to go too blue.

The reason for choosing the white/blue light to mimic daylight in favour of yellower LEDs is because it improves alertness and subsequently improves performance. It also affects mood and the biological clock, improving sleep, heart rate variability, core temperature and blood pressure.

It's amazing to think that a building refurbishment can offer health benefits and improve productivity, but it can. It just goes to show that the details are important.

If you're planning a refurbishment project and want any advice on how to get the best out of the project, get in touch - we'd be happy to offer you any free advice that you need.